6 Golden Rules in Email Writing – Part 1

The six golden rules for effective email writing are

  1. Clarity of purpose
  2. Clarity of organization
  3. Clarity of expression
  4. Conciseness
  5. The right tone
  6. The reader’s perspective 

We will deal with the first two in today’s article.

Clarity of purpose

What is the reason for writing and what do you expect from the reader?

This should be brought out clearly early in the email; Otherwise, the reader will be left wondering what you need from him.

Example 1

Dear Sam

I am writing to you to regarding your query about different types of pump sets we deal in. I have attached a catalogue which shows different models and their prices. (reason for writing)

Please let me know which one you would like to order. (You want the reader to tell you the model he requires)

Example 2

Dear Mr Smith

I am sorry that I can’t meet you on 15 September as I have a prior appointment.

I am free on the 16 as well as the 17th.

Do let me know if you are free on those days and the time suitable to you. (You want the reader to give an alternate date for the appointment- reason for writing)

Clarity of organisation

To be clear the email should be well organised. But, what is good organisation especially in your first email to a person?

One of the best ways to organise an email is the following order.


Dear Mr Smith

Connecting with the reader/reason for writing – How do you know the reader, and why are you writing to him?

I am Sam Jones from the Garden Weekly magazine. (explain who you are if this is the first time you are writing to him)

We met last week at the Annual Conference, and I am writing to you in connection with the advertisement you wanted to be placed in our magazine. (reason for writing).

However, if you know the person well, step 2, connecting with the reader can be dispensed with. You could just say

Dear John

I am writing to you for a favour. (Reason for writing. You need not write who you are if you know the person well).

Describing – (The body of the email)

We have different types of adverts. You could place a full page or a half page; you could also choose the inner front cover or the back cover. The rates are clearly mentioned in the document attached.

Action you want the reader to take

Do let me know what type of advertisement you are planning as well as the wording of the advertisement.

Polite closing

In you have any questions or queries please feel free to drop a line, or call me at +91 984591235.


Best regards/ regards, 


Please note that the action you want the reader to take is written in a separate paragraph. This is to make sure that the reader does NOT miss the purpose of the email.

A well organised email makes pleasant reading; moreover, it elicits a quick response. The reader will be inclined to take the action you want him to take.

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