Here are a few resource materials from conferences, presentations and programs conducted over the years.

Please feel free to use the content as long as you give credit to my work.

1. Training Indian Software Engineers in Business English presented at IATEFL Besig Annual Conference in Milan in December 2006.

Link- BEsig_Conference_Dec_2006

2. Challenges in Teaching Business English in India – Presented at the first simulcast during the IATEFL BESig Annual conference in November 2012 with support from Cambridge English Assessment, Chennai India.

Link: BEsig_Simulcast_Nov_2012

3. Working with Indians -presented at the first IATEFL BEsig online Symposium in June 2016.

Link- BEsig_Symposium_June_2016

4. Business English in India – presented at the second BESig online symposium in 2017.

Link- BEsig_Symposium_June_2017

5. Begin with the end in Mind – presented at the JALT Conference  September 2018.

Link- JALT Conference_Sept_2018

Case Study

6. Communication Mentoring the TCS Way

Publication date Dec 2012

Publication description International Journal of Human Resource Management

7. Technology Integrated Language Teaching – B S Abdur Rahman University, Chennai, March 2012

Link- TILT_Mar_2012

8. Workshops on Enhancing Professional Communication Skills – ELTAI Mumbai Chapter, March 2018

  1. Workshop 1
  2. Workshop 2
  3. Workshop 3
  4. Workshop 4
  5. Workshop 5

9.  ‘Questioning – a magical tool to develop 21st century skills’ presented by Lalitha Murthy- IATEFL Webinar – 5th-Dec-2020

Link: Questioning-IATEFL-Webinar

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